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Payne Stewart

28" Bronze statue in Orlando, FL. (2005)

The Honorable Marilyn
Logsdon Mennello

96"x56"x59" bronze statue at The Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando, FL. (2011)

Pop Top Cock

32"x21'x10" made out of aluminum pop tops. Tallahassee, FL. (2021)

St. Michael the Archangel

Bronze 18'x12' statue at Mary Queen of the Universe, Lake Buena Vista, FL. (2012)


28"x9"x24" Bronze Saluki in Windermere, FL. (2016)

Monsignor Joseph Harte

Bronze bust at Mary Queen of the Universe, Lake Buena Vista, FL. (2011)

Pope John Paul II

Bronze Bust in Pope St. John Paul Manor, Cresson, PA. (2009)

Saint Peter.JPG
St. Peter

Life size bronze statue at Mary Queen of the Universe. Lake Buena Vista, FL. (2010)

African Warrior

This 25ft warrior was sculpted from steal, foam, and fiber glass for an attraction on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. (2020)

The Blue Star

8ftx8ft abstract sculpture for a condominium entrance in Orlando, Florida. Fabricated from wood, steel, and fiber glass. (2021)

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Green Piece.jpg
Green Wall

6'x9' Moss wall with neon light. The yard leasing office in Winter Park, FL. (2019)

Judge Young

Bronze bust for United States Federal Court House, Orlando, FL. (2017)


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